-Tailor-made Japanese lessons from Tokyo-


For people who want to improve their life and refine their talent

For people who want to share their emotions with family and friends and enjoy themselves

For everybody who wants to keep experiencing happiness

I give private lessons with learning materials made just for you.  

Whenever you want, wherever you want.

Five reasons people take my lessons:

  Learning materials all prepared with the individual student in mind

  Practical examples and realistic situations for students

  Insight into students’ levels, needs, weak points and learning speed

  Friendly, open-minded teacher with an international perspective

  A range of topics from business and politics to raising kids


“I can’t fully demonstrate my talents because of my language skills.”

“It’s difficult to express emotions to family and friends.”

“I feel like I’m missing opportunities to enjoy myself.”

Do you ever feel like that?

Why not start private Japanese lessons to enhance your lifestyle, share emotions with your loved ones and begin to really enjoy life?


Feel free to apply for a free trial lesson anytime!