About me

Hello! My name is Tomomi and I’ve been teaching Japanese since 2007. 
I’m always drawn to people who find ways to achieve profound happiness. When I see people whose lives are restricted because of their language skills; that’s where I really like to help as I can see first hand how overcoming language barriers can be the key which unlocks happiness. I create tailor-made lessons with real, practical scenarios and example sentences. My aim is to provide a complete service to assist you not only in your daily life, but to help you with new challenges and experiences. 

I’m also teaching Japanese people how to use simpler Japanese instead of just repeating the same thing when talking to foreigners who are struggling to understand. In order to improve communication, I’m always eager to hear about your experience of real situations where you’ve had difficultly understanding native Japanese.

Thank you.

Mom of two year old girl, love Mexican food, Korean food and drinking beer! also I love watching sports.