Students’ Voices


◆What do you like about Tomomi’s lessons?

They’re great! The main point I like is that Tomomi always tailors the lesson to areas that are relevant to you and is not simply following a text book which are often boring and targeted to a younger student audience. She puts a lot of preparation into the lessons which are well structured and focus on interesting current events. She also uses real life examples such as pamphlets, topical news articles, signs etc which keeps the lessons interesting.

Managing  Director (U.K)

Tomomi clearly goes out of her way to adjust her lessons to be useful to each individual student. It’s clear she doesn’t do what’s easiest for her, but goes out of her way to prepare materials that would be helpful to each person at that particular point in time. Tomomi is also incredibly friendly (and patient) which takes a lot of the pressure off of learning Japanese, and just trying to enjoy the experience of trying to learn more – even when you’re not the greatest student in the world (like me)! I’ve had other teachers in the past who were more formal and tried to structure Japanese lessons based on books or other resources, but the entire experience of working with Tomomi is more like an open opportunity to learn what you think you need to learn most (or what you didn’t even know you needed to learn).

Lawyer (U.S)

Tomomi’s lessons are really useful and fun. And fun is really important because, otherwise learning a difficult language such as Japanese would be depressing! I always look forward to the next lesson. My weekly lesson is a special moment when we can talk in Japanese about issues that matter to me. I have been taking lessons with her for 4 years and Tomomi always managed to adjust the lessons to my needs. At first, I only wanted to improve my conversational skills. Then, I wanted to take the JLPT 4 test so we worked intensively on this target for 6 months. Then, we focused on reading articles so I can understand better what the people I interview say. And now that I have a kid, we focus on the nursery school and children’s vocabulary! When I get small achievements such as understanding a meeting with the nursery school’s teacher, I owe it to Tomomi sensei.
 Journalist (France) 

Each student has his own progression in Japanese, and Tomomi tries always to be at the student’s level to get him moving forward. This is very important  as a teacher not to frustrate the student especially with a complex language like Japanese. Perseverance is needed in Japanese and Tomomi supports the students in this path.

I am very satisfied. I had several teachers in France before coming here, and the problem was that we were learning new things all the time without checking if I remembered the previous ones. In the end I did not master even the basic things. On the contrary Tomomi-san makes sure  I have a good knowledge of what we learnt together before moving forward.
 Also she is always giving very concrete examples that I use every day. She explains everything in Japanese in a very didactic way.

Correspondent (France)
◆What is Tomomi like?
Friendly, cooperative, funny, really just like a very helpful friend who’s willing to sit with you while you try to learn a new language. I’ve always felt very comfortable in my lessons with Tomomi and I think that’s a big part due to her very warm personality and the fact that she clearly enjoys helping others … a terrific characteristic for any teacher to have.

She’s a great person and a great teacher. Fun to study with but also sufficiently strict to keep you on track!

She is always genki, in a good mood and willing to improve your Japanese level in anyway she can. You can also share your concerns about your difficulties in adjusting to Japanese society because she understand both Western and Japanese culture very well.

Very nice and helpful, with her you will never get bored, we always have fun!